10 Days to Mind & Body Health Program

10 Days to Mind & Body Health Program

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This is a 10 Day Plan to reaching Mind & Body Health. To be more specific, it is something for those of us who don't feel ready to get ourselves to a fitness class, or a PT or maybe even a walk with friends.

The problem is, you may want to get fitter. You may want to be healthier and more active. You may even want to get back to a previous sport that you used to be really good at.

But those who feel anxiety and panic attacks and depression are not yet in a place to get started with this. Even when you know that this is going to be most beneficial for you, and you know all the benefits of exercise and how it will improve your mental health. But still its hard isnt it? I've been there too.  And I wished someone had provided me with a plan to dig myself out of that hole instead of having to navigate it alone.

But you can use what I have learned to help you right now. It involves taking action, but in smaller achievable steps.  No need for big goals yet, lets get through this first step together. Take the pressure of yourself, and follow the steps in this plan for 10 days.